Most popular jewellery items

The use of jewellery by humans dates quite far back in time. From as long ago as 110,000 BC jewellery was made from dried sea shells and sea shell beads. This is the earliest jewellery known to man. Over the millennia since then, our growing sophistication and intricacy have led to the development of endless designs which continue to expand to the present day.

I recently did some background research and was interested to learn that currently necklaces are the most commonly purchased jewellery items worldwide. These are followed, in descending order, by earrings, rings and bracelets. In addition, women purchase more frequently than men (56% to 44%) and people who are married account for almost twice those who are single in terms of jewellery buyers (55% vs 30%).

Increasingly, people are purchasing jewellery online – even high ticket items. This trend predates the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since the associated lockdowns and curtailment of travel (one of jewellery’s main purchase competitors) the online jewellery sector has expanded further. This vogue is likely to continue and  grow even more over the coming decade.

While jewellery is often purchased as a gift, more and more people are shopping for themselves. This can be for any number of reasons, such as: getting the exact style you want; rewarding yourself for a particular life achievement; just ‘for so’ or to celebrate a significant birthday, work anniversary or overseas trip e.g. Murano glass earrings on a trip to Venice.

Increasingly, amulet jewellery is popular – featuring birthstones, protection crystals, zodiac signs or sacred symbols.

 While jewellery can be made of various materials, gold and silver are definitely the most popular metals. By contrast some metals, notably nickel, can cause allergic skin reactions which will make wearing the piece impossible. Gold and silver are hard wearing, with a long ‘life expectancy’ and  also have intrinsic value (investment worth). They do need care and attention and this will be the subject of another blog.

 Where is your purchasing preference? What are your most treasured jewellery items?