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The Fonya Lockit is Designed and constructed by professional jewellers for everyday wear using precious metals and cutting edge technology. The clever design features a swing away case with a weight distributing centre barrel secured by our patented double locking mechanism. Available in Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and two-tone options to perfectly compliment your current jewellery style. The two-tone options feature Solid Gold front plates and bales. All designs are manufactured to the highest standard to ensure years of risk free service. Check out our recommended Oval belcher link Chain. It links to itself and therefore can be set to any length. We have dealt with this chain supplier for two decades so we know the product quality and trust the link security.

Value stories



How it all began..

The Fonya lockit is a result of a collaboration between renowned Rheumatologist Dr Muriel Soden and Townsville Jeweller Wade Lavery. Throughout her 30 year medical career as a physician Muriel saw Doctors, Nurses, and even patients wearing their precious rings on Chains around their necks. Some even adopted string as a solution for the safe keeping of their rings while they were in hospital. Muriel always thought there must be a better way of doing things.

She pitched an idea for a solution to Townsville Jeweller. Wade Lavery of TCity Jewellers has built a reputation for his commitment to quality and a passion for design. Together they set about creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing solution that would not wear the rings thin and look great in the process. Ideally multiple rings could be kept together and the wearer could adjust the length of chain to tuck away or leave out for display.

The Fonya locket has grown to feature the signature Fonya Shamrock and the name itself translates to Ring in Irish. There are many exciting variants on the way featuring Diamonds and precious gems. Plans are in place for a larger version for wider style rings.


Fonya lockit has an international patent protecting her unique design. The key part is a twin locking mechanism that requires the locket to be pulled away from the body to operate. This prevents accidental opening of the mechanism. The second consideration is the weight distributing centre barrel. Many people are aware that rings wear thin over time and harder alloys like 9ct carat Gold will wear softer alloys like 18ct Gold. A chain will literally cut through a ring over a period of time when worn on the body. To counter this we have designed a cylindrical barrel where the rings sit, thus spreading their weight across a larger area that is essentially non-wear. There are no sharp angles or pinch points. The final part is her design. Two years and nine prototypes to create the simple and clever Fonya lockit you see today.


Our lockit is designed with a focus on long lasting durability. It weighs just under 8 grams of precious metal. The 9ct versions are made in solid gold with a beautiful alloy colour. The two tone models feature the solid Sterling Silver barrel and body, from the Silver models, with the addition of a solid Gold Fonya front plate and top bale. The two Gold highlights are made separately in the same solid gold as the Full Gold Fonya version.


The diagram below displays the area your rings will be sitting. If you are not sure, send us an email with the measurements of your ring.

(Please note dimensions are in milimetres which are the small marks on a 30cm ruler)

We do have a larger Fonya lockit which can be special ordered, this will suit If you have a wider or a thicker band style ring


The Fonya logo is a Shamrock, the symbol of Ireland a place close to the heart of our founder Dr. Muriel Soden. The Shamrock was used for medicinal purposes and Dr Soden saw a need for a solution for Nurses and Doctors on the job, to protect their treasures whilst they care for us.

In addition the three leaves on the Shamrock are said to stand for Faith, Hope and Love.


The Fonya Lockit mechanism is like no other. The unique double locking catch with the swing away front can be easily operated whilst wearing it on a chain. Rings can be added or removed with the chain safely around your neck. Fonya holds your rings safe and close until you are ready to place them on your fingers once more. Easy, secure, safe and convenient.


Looking for something special and not sure what to buy. This is perfect for anyone graduating in the medical field.



Designing the Fonya Lockit has taken time - the initial process lasted over two years and involved making many prototypes. Our Lockit is not only beautiful but also practical and secure. A supporting feature is the Oval Belcher Link Chain. The Chain is of medium profile with an open link making a perfect balance between size and colour. The chain was selected due to its durability and its versatility, the parrot clasp has the ability to securely lock to any link of the chain, therefore creating a variety of length options for the wearer. The pendant can be worn long and tucked inside your clothing or proudly displayed high showing off her elegant lines and your rings.


I needed a long chain to tuck my ring away. This pendant is a brilliant solution

Amy, Registered nurse


I love the design, it is a beautiful pendant in its own right. I can keep it with me all the time and it ready for work when i need it.

Sam S, Paramedic


I never want to leave my irreplaceble vintage ring at home when i work. No more splitting gloves i can hide my ring under my scrubs and sneak a peek through the day.

Lauren H. Dental nurse.


Jewellers are aware that rings wear down over time especially when worn together. Wearing rings on a chain or cord can cut a groove into a ring band. Similarly, rings jumbled together on a chain or in a loop can wear abnormally in hard to repair places. Never hook rings onto safety pins or any other metal loops as the the metal will wear and mark your rings very quickly. The Fonya Lockit solves this problem with our unique wear barrel. Your rings are guided safely onto the cylindrical barrel matching their natural curve. This barrel is softer or similar to your rings existing metal and with its shape distributes the forces of gravity over the largest possible surface area. Your rings are laid carefully alongside each other with undesirable movement restricted.


Our vision is to see the Fonya Lockit become an indispensable part of jewellery security. Ideally the Fonya Lockit would reduce loss and increase peace of mind for active people to pursue lifes ventures.