Jadeite is really the rarest gemstone on earth. Unlike its namesake nephrite (common jade), which is affordable by anyone’s measure,  jadeite is rare and expensive. Lapidary suited stones are found exclusively in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Jadeite can sell for up to $3 million per carat. Its most popular colours are apple-green to emerald green (see photo). It may also occur as white stone. Jadeite has been discovered in stone age tools (particularly axe heads and beads) in Neolithic sites in Northern Italy, Britain and Japan.

Red diamonds are the second rarest gems on earth and are the rarest amongst all coloured diamonds. These superb gems are unique and very hard to come by. The majority of Red diamonds originate from Australia, in the Argyle Diamond Mine.
This mine is famed for its production of some of the world’s finest Pink, Violet, Blue, and Brown diamonds also. Only about 50 red diamonds are known to exist. One in particular, the Moussaieff Red, is said to be the most flawless in existence. in 2001, the 5.11 carat stone was sold for nearly $8 million, making its per-carat price around $1.6 million ( or $2.72 million today).

Serendibite is exceedingly rare. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word for Sri Lanka – where it was discovered in 1902. There are only three faceted Serendibites known to be in existence. If you are afforded the opportunity to buy one of these extraordinary treasures be prepared to part with up to $2 million per carat.

It is fun to learn about these rare gems – knowing that we may never see one, let alone own one!