Tourmaline is a borosilicate stone and comes in the widest variety of colours of any gemstone (a rainbow range including colourless and black!). It is unique in its trigonal crystal structure – meaning it is the only common gemstone with 3 sided prisms.  

Besides its beautiful range of colours, Tourmaline possesses interesting optical properties. Many Tourmaline crystals demonstrate pleochroism, meaning they appear in different colours when viewed from different angles. This phenomenon adds to the fascination of these gems, gifting each one with individual uniqueness and value.

In addition to all this, Tourmaline has electrical properties, becoming electrically charged when heated (pyroelectricity) and or placed under pressure (piezoelectricity). These latter make Tourmaline valuable for use in scientific instruments and industrial applications.

Tourmaline measures 7 to 7.5 on Mohs hardness scale making it suitable for use in a variety of jewellery settings. It is generally scratch resistant but should not be subjected to sudden shocks or high temperature.

Tourmaline possesses various healing and metaphysical properties. Different colours of the gem are believed to have specific energetic attributes and are used for various purposes. For example, pink Tourmaline is often associated with emotional healing and love, while green Tourmaline is associated with physical vitality and abundance. Tourmaline is used in alternative and holistic healing practices, such as crystal healing, meditation, and chakra balancing. Black Tourmaline is renowned as a grounding stone and repels electromagnetic radiation.

In addition to being an October Birthstone it is also gifted for 8th Wedding Anniversaries.

You don’t need to limit yourself – Tourmaline’s unique properties make it an ideal gem to own or gift at any time!