Lost and Found

One of lifes greatest frustrations is losing something, especially because you likely discover it's lost right when you need it. It can be truly upsetting when something of deep sentimental value is lost. 

There is immense joy in stories of treasures lost and then found. Notwithstanding the great treasure finds of history such as the cheapside horde which is an old jewellers favourite,(The Emerald clock is devine!) many smaller personal keepsakes are found everyday. 

Many a time has a ring been lost in the garden, sometimes whilst gardening or lifting something awkward. Occasionally the ring just "flies off" the finger into the minitaure jungle. Searching begins with an "Emu Bob" which is something like a chicken looking for lunch. Then the search party is expanded to include family members and friends working grid patterns in the exact spot it went. The final call is for a Gold detector operator. Indeed, many wives rings have been lost by new gold detector owners sprinking them into the same garden wormhole to "test her out" 

When they are found it is often unexpectedly, consider the story of a lady who lost her wedding ring in the garden. All attempts to find it proved futile until many years, even decades i recall, later the rings came naturally out of the ground wrapped around a Carrot. The Carrot had grown through the ring and like an old tree the ring had become banded on the carrot as a special decoration.

Another amazing find was a beautiful high carat gold ring found inside a grandfather clock. The Clock itself was a classic masterpiece of design in a subtle Nouveau style. Not too much and not too little, so perfect that everybody who saw it stopped and passed remark. This Clock was English Oak had got wet feet in the Townsville Flood of 2019. Hence a full strip down restoration was in order. Inside the top movement case carefully wrapped in a now degraded piece of cloth was the ring. Imagine the owners joy upon being presented with this Hallmarked family Heirloom!

Some people even struggle with their passions causing the ring to become lost. One particular Husband is on ring number 3.  His excitment rocking a tiny dinghy in a the monster crocodile infested waters of remote Northern territory Australia whilst he concentrates on landing the prized Metre long delicacy known as the Barramundi overcomes concern about his Wedding Ring. Much excitement and wet fingers dangling over croc infested rivers is not a recipe for ring retrieval. In this case, we replace!

One place rings can be found is amongst "mum's things". More than once the beneficiaries of estates have sorted through the rings and all have a place in their memory. Except save one or rarely two rings. One can be a signet style ring that is small and was worn when mum was young. The other can a be a classic friendship band. A small decorative band, gold but not too expensive sometimes with small stones set. This may be a first love, a first special friendship that is from a time the kids know nothing of. These special little finds always elicit a twinkling eye and involuntary chuckle. The sweet times when memories of how much mum was loved crowd.

Nevertheless, these tales of lost and found are the reason your jeweller is in the business of keeping your rings safe with quality products and the correct fit. This has been part of the journey developing the Fonya Lockit. A special, safe place for your treasures with no tales of loss.