Moonstone is a form of feldspar called orthoclase-albite. Feldspar minerals are the most abundant rock forming crystals of the Earth’s crust. Interestingly, orthoclase feldspar has also been identified on the Moon and Mars!

These gemstones have the ability to reflect light within them (scattered through adjoining layers of orthoclase and albite crystals) – a property called ‘adularescence’. The light generally glows white (likened to the glow of a full moon through clouds) and hence the name “moonstone”. The most sought-after colour is blue/transparent but the gems occur in a wide range of colours from white, to orange, to green and black. They measure 6 on Mohs hardness scale and are prone to abrasion – so care should be taken to avoid damage to their surface. In addition, moonstone may crack if exposed to high heat.

Moonstone has a wide range of metaphysical properties including the cultivation of empathy and compassion – for oneself and others. It is said to bring good luck. It helps in accessing intuitive and creative energies and keeping in tune with our true emotions. It is also associated with love and fertility. Some claim that you can see the future by holding a moonstone in your mouth during the full moon!

Whatever your interpretation, Moonstone is another unique and fascinating birthstone for the month of June.