Tanzanite is one of my favourites! It is a relatively recent discovery – having been unearthed by a Masai tribesman in Tanzania in 1967. It is only found in one place on earth – the Merelani Hills close to Mt Kilimanjaro. It’s beautiful blue/violet hue and pleochroic properties make it very attractive.

Having a Mohs hardness or 6-7 it needs careful handling and mounting if used in ring settings.  Though it is one of the newest gemstones to be discovered, it is highly sought after and ranks alongside diamonds in popularity. The rarity and beauty of Tanzanites make them very desirable as investment gems also. Their value ranges from US$300 to 1500 per carat.

While their colour range is generally from blue to violet there are rarer yellow varieties too. Tanzanite is a symbol of connection, transformation, growth and spiritual enlightenment. It is believed to have healing properties and enables letting go of negative emotions.

Don’t wait to add Tanzanite to your jewellery repertoire – for all of the above reasons. Apart from being a December birthstone it is also the gem for 8th Wedding Anniversaries.