Whether you are a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a novice, knowing how to care for your precious stones is essential for maintaining their vibrancy and maximising their benefits. First and foremost, know your crystals. Some crystals cannot be immersed in water! They will dissolve. These include Selenite, Lepidolite, Halite and Angelite. Pyrite is an iron sulfide and will oxidise on contact with water. Malachite is copper based and can be harmed by prolonged exposure to water. Tumbled stones are probably best cleaned with a soft cloth. If you do use water, avoid adding harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to it, as they will erode the delicate surface of your crystals.

Selenite and Kyanite are self-cleansing crystals and may be used to clear and align the energies of other crystals. Smudging your crystals with sage or palo santo smoke, placing them in moonlight or using sound vibrations are all ways for clearing your crystals’ energies – often referred to as ‘charging’. The best time to charge crystals in moonlight is on the full moon. Remember to set positive intentions while charging them and they will respond with amplified vibrations.

When it comes to storing your crystals, keep them in a safe and sacred place. Many people keep them on an altar with other cherished items. It is best not to overcrowd them as their unique energy signatures may become diluted. Crystals are sensitive to environmental factors – they are best kept out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and moist environments to prevent damage or discolouration.

Finally, remember to connect with your crystals regularly. Meditate with them, hold them in your hands or place them on Chakra points during self-care rituals. Allow their energies to heal and guide you. Caring for your crystals is an art and a science – a beautiful dance between you and the natural world. Embrace this magical journey and let your crystals sparkle and shine, bringing love, light and positive energy into your life.