The spinel is an intriguing gem stone that occurs in a variety of colours – from pale pink/lavender to red to dark blue/black. The red varieties have often been mistaken for either a ruby or pink sapphire, as it can resemble both. Indeed, some of the most famous rubies in history have turned out to be spinel. Large red gems, such as the “Black Prince’s Ruby” and the “Timur Ruby” in the Crown Jewels of England were confirmed to be large red spinels.

It has a lower Mohs hardness than ruby and sapphire and so is more prone to damage – especially in a ring setting intended for daily wear.

Spinel is a stone of recovery and regeneration. It helps to release stress and anxieties, and is said to replenish low energy levels. It is recognised to bring inspiration and renewed hope for those needing a fresh start and new ideas. Spinel gives strength in the face of myriad challenges.

It encourages persistence and determination in the face of  pressure and generates hope of a brighter future. Spinel is also recognised as a clearing stone.

As the newest birthstone to be added – it bring to 3 the number of birthstones for August.